As a person who has struggled with gluten intolerance since my 20's I have searched for a gluten free dessert that didn't taste gluten free.  The options in the 90's weren't that great.  I think I have created a gluten free cupcake that no one can tell is gluten free and that makes me so excited.
These cupcakes pictured here were made for two little boys who had never been able to eat a "store-bought" cupcake.  They needed gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free and soy free ingredients.  And these cupcakes are just that and yummy too!!!! It makes me so happy to hear a mom's voice get so excited to be able to give her child a dessert that they've never been able to enjoy.  This is why I love to bake!!!! 
All my creations can be made gluten free upon request.
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